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My role: Concept, design, and website. Spencer Ashton: concept and copy.

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24 Hour Interns

Exploitation we can all agree with.

My role: concept, website, and design.

Need some fresh ideas? Then check out 24 Hour Interns. We’ll email you a deck with killer ideas for free. That’s right, free ideas. To “hire” us, visit the site here

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Silk milk

Every man must be weaned.

Student work. My role: concept and design. Concept and copy: Spencer Ashton

Triple Eight

Last summer I fell off my skateboard and totally face-planted it...that experience was the inspiration for this spot.

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I’m a Junior

I created this resource website about advertising, design, and copywriting. I hope juniors and students find it helpful.

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The Water Exchange: Trade water with a person in a third world country.

T-Mobile Undercover

100% real reactions. Nothing is staged.

Student work. My role: concept and design. Copywriters: Kenton McRae and Spencer Ashton. Both awesome guys helped with the concept as well. We made this back in January 2014 before T-Mobile came out with similar “no contract” videos later on during the same year.

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Granite Flats

Real-world work. I designed the key art for season one and two of Granite Flats. I selected the individual character photos, retouched and cut them out, and designed the final key art files. I am currently retouching photos for Granite Flats season three.


Stops "things" from swinging around...

Student work (obviously). We love the idea, but unfortunately the production quality is very poor. We were not able to get our hands on adequate equipment. Even though it’s rough, every guy we show this to laughs and loves it. I believe it has potential.

My role: concept. Spencer Ashton: concept and video edit.


Buy clothes, save tigers. Awesome.

Choose what to fund by interacting with a digital version of these tigers’ habitats.

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Microsite Game For Harvest Snaps

While interning at Santy I was able to create the look and feel for this microsite game for Harvest Snaps.

Real-world work. My role: helped with concept, design.

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While my buddies are at the pub, I'm dodging and burning in photoshop.

I love making stuff look cool. I’m fortunate to have had a little recognition here and there:

  • Featured artist at Project Ethos in Scottsdale
  • Featured artist on Creative Bloq iPad’s app
  • Mesa Community College student art show award winner
  • Featured on Abduzeedo