Triple Eight

Last summer I fell off my skateboard and totally face-planted it...that experience was the inspiration for this spot.


Stops "things" from swinging around...

More executions coming soon.

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  • Buy forgiveness, salvation, and a new soul.
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We just launched this project early March 2014.

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My role: Concept, design, and website.  Copywriter: Spencer Ashton.

Featured on: BetaBeat

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The Ad Dude

I made this site to help ad students. It's a bunch of things I wish I knew about before I started school.

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The news is good at telling people what to care about. Let's put dirty water deaths into context so people pay attention.

T-Mobile Undercover

100% real reactions. Nothing is staged.


Buy clothes, save tigers. Awesome.

Choose what to fund by interacting with a digital version of these tigers’ habitats.

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When my buddies are at the pub, I'm dodging & burning in Photoshop.

Shoot me an email and I’ll send you this wallpaper: 

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After learning (then forgetting) all that advanced math, this is how I use it.

I’ve had a little recognition here and there:

  • Featured artist at Project Ethos in Scottsdale
  • Featured artist Creative Bloq iPad’s app
  • MCC Student art show award winner
  • Abduzeedo